Mid-Data expertise

A different kind of information.


We help innovative organisations invent their new products, by researching and analysing volumes of non-organised data.


We’re expert in « Mid-Data »: researching a large number of data points, coming from a large number of  heterogeneous sources, that are difficult to aggregate.

For instance, we have collected about 4 500 unstructured data points, describing nearly 300 research projects of a scientific program, and then analysed patterns in this program's grants allocations.


Using this type of research, our clients detect fledgling changes in their business environment; identify the context of such changes, and therefore the main emerging trends in their respective fields.


In 2015 Tilidia had eight independent contributors, tenured male and female researchers, in five countries across three continents. Tilidia has been based in Montpellier, France, since 2011.




Each mission is based on researched data, whether it be primary or secondary research.

For this we reach out to a network of independent and specialised contributors, whose expertise are selected by geography, language and industry.








We also have the know-how to structure and build information: databases, statistical analysis, industrial and finance strategy in order to create business models.


Our research and analysis toolbox comes from ten years spent in various roles performing strategic consulting. This adds to our know-how in systems and networks built up since 1994 (TCP/IP, LDAP, Java, Linux, BGP, SQL, netcat, nmap, Docsis, Ka-Band, Fttx, LTE, LoRa...). This comes in handy to understand and study innovation that is still mostly based on these technical foundations.








Also, project after project, we have built long-term relationships with a selected network of experts and managers. This network allows you to identify the right partners. You can make contacts at the right level, or simply survey a particular field.

Listening capacity, openness, exchanges and reactivity.

Great complementarity!



It is quite rare to find that level of quality

amongst consulting firms





Flawless methodology, with an impressive work to reference sources, and compile data points. Every source and every model are delivered (full transparency).



We prefer to accept missions that present an interest for both you and us. If the field of study is already well covered, or if we know that the results will not be useful to your strategy, or if we can not cover your question, we will inform you.


Translating complexity.

With more than twenty years spent in the technological sector, of which ten in consulting, we definitely can help you sort what is real innovation, and its likely evolution, saving you from the marketing and hype effects.

Also, despite the complexity of some technologies, we do our best in all our exchanges, to remain clear, and to fully transfer our knowledge to our clients and their partners. No jargon, no gibberish.



Our business model is based on discretion.

We value immensely the confidentiality of our clients’ projects. Every project comes from new knowledge of the field, but results are all yours. We do not use data from one client to another, or to publish in our name.



We are independent, and try our best to be objective. The company has been profitable since its launch in 2011, and the management fully owns the equity. The business does not depend on any lobbying functions, or on multi-year contracts, and we do not possess, either individually or at company level, financial participations that could challenge the fairness of our analyses.




Steven Andlauer is the founder and managing director of TILIDIA. He started using the Internet in 1994, and then managed systems and networks in large companies such as the AFP and Thales. He then moved on to research and consulting roles in the high-tech and media sectors, including with McKinsey & Company.


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